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(1) "New Cosmology", DAN 2013, acryl on canvas, 100 x 120 cm. This painting expresses my point of view about the current cosmological models and my alternative hypothesis: the Double Torus Universe. This is a rotational (re) calculated universe. A (new) dark energy torus of two 'extra time-clocks' from below the Planck-time, which are enclosing and intertwining an inner dark matter torus, (re) calculate the dark matter torus. This generates quantum gravity.

(2) "Double Torus Universe", DAN 2010, acryl on canvas, 100 x 120 cm. This painting expresses the "Double Torus Universe" in a more emotional way. It is a torus of dark energy by extra time, which is enclosing a torus of dark matter. 'Life' is happening inside the inner dark matter torus and what you see in the painting is a symbolic bundle of "three eyes": One of myself, and  apair of other-ones, being the eyes of the two co-creators, the Brittish scientists (Chris Forbes and his colleague) of my first paper in 2009. In my view space is of secundary order, while 'refined time' also rules the universe additional to time used in Big Bang-cosmology. Therefore the Big Bang is just nothing more than a "deceptive appearence (an illusion).

(3) "Recalculation", DAN 2009, acryl on canvas, 100 x 120 cm. This painting expresses my idea of a "two extra time-clocks smaller than the Plancktime". Usually the Big Bang-cosmology is defined as one time-arrow, always going forward, but the extra two refined time-clocks empower the quantum-world. So, that makes it possible the universe did not start with a Big Bang, but instead is based on an other origin. It is an eternal rotational and recalculating universe. In this painting the 'pre-model' of my new cosmology is shown - the "time-torus", as it was expressed in the beginning of 2009. What you also see is the 'grey painted person', El Dwen(j)o de la Selva (the caretaker of the jungle), who gives energy to 'the hand of the 'woman of Cosmos'. "She is giving back reality". Her secret is: extra time (instead of space) is the leading parameter for reality. All masses (particles and objects), inclusive "the living human beings", are being "recalculated continuously" in a Double Torus Universe. This is not the case in a Big Bang universe. In fact the Big bang doesn't really exists. It is part of the Double Torus Universe!

(4) "Creation" , DAN 2009, acryl on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.. Gravitational lenses exist for real in the universe. These lenses cause an Einstein-cross in the four dimensions of three space- and one time-dimensions in Big Bang-cosmology. This painting expresses how this could work similar with "dreamed images". What you see in a dream is a quantum gravitational lens, which bends your ideas, visions and experiences. This could be a future-event, or a past-process in time. However, this mechanism is based on an additinal timeflow of two refined time-clocks in the Universe. This makes 'creation of an event', or 'paranormal observations', a real possible manifestation. How this is done, is symbolicaly shown by the premordial Maya-traveller on the block in the sea: For this moment he parked his car ("ufo") in space. Then, by means of additional consciousness-connections, he built a globe by using "dark energy and dark matter" as described in my Double Torus Theory. The background-mountains are the mountains of Tepoztlan, Mexico.

(5) "Glyph", DAN 2008, acryl on canvas, 100 x 120 cm. This painting symbolizes the Maya-king Pacal Votan. He is sitting in his vehicle and travels the path of frequencies in the extra time-directions of the universe as described in my Double Torus Theory. Meanwhile a recalculation of spacetime is powered by a 'secret code' of the "Glyph" and the 'datura-flower' offers an overwhelming invisible energy towards nature. The "butterfly" is the symbol of the soul and makes choices on ones life-path ! There is also a psychological switch expressed in this painting: Dependent on what you are looking at you observe a Mexican-landscape in blue-air and clouds. However, you can switch your mind otherwise into space and observe the blue planet Earth. This way you can travel through space with your mind and without technical tools.

(6) "Cosmic Change", DAN 2018, acryl on canvas, 100 x 120 cm. This painting is inspired by the thought of how of hologram-dynamics would function in symbols. Details tell about the deeper layer below the Planckscale, which doesn't exist in the hologram-universe. This is symbolized by a series of  portals free of Planck-boundaries. This fits in my new model of the universe, the Rotating Torus Hologram Universe (RTHU).