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No Big Bang

No Big Bang.

Theoretically I revealed a formula for a new 'dark energy force' (April 10 2004). This enabled me to describe a new 'dark energy' (January 2010). This implied a Double Torus Universe, instead of a universe emerged from the Big Bang. I also answered the question: "What is 'dark matter' really in the Cosmology of the Double Torus (July 2012). I wrote several 'papers' about that, which are hosted in the viXra-archive (Mathematical Physics, see link www.vixra.org/author/dan_visser). Contrarily to the Einstein's 'cosmological constant' to be the dark energy - (or the variable version 'quintessence', or even the separate conservative energy supporting 'cosmic inflation' by chameleon-particles) - , the 'dark energy' in the Double Torus introduces 'refined time smaller than the Plancktime'. The Double Torus hypothesis posits the Big Bang to be an integral part of the a recalculation-mechanism and part of the Double Torus Universe.

Remarkably, I produced a 'set of equations', which theoretically offered evidence of neutrinos going 'faster-than-light'. This has been a troubling incident in CERN from September 2011 to March 2012. However, I showed it is possible that neutrino-pairs (instead of solo-neutrinos) can establish such a phenomenon. I call these new pairs: 'Duonistic neutrinos'. Duonistic neutrinos overcome the obstruction of Relativity, hence neutrino-pairs violate the lightspeed. Solo-moving-neutrinos are not capable of doing that. My theoretical results show the 'duonistic effect' depends on the ratio of the 'dark matter acceleration' and the "Newton gravitational-acceleration' in the new dark energy force formula. It means the neutrino time-gain, compared to light (in vacuum), could vary from 62.8 nanoseconds to 0 nanoseconds. So, it is not always necessary the time-gain occurs in experiments; it is not a fixed value! It depends on the influence of dark matter. My theoretical calculation matches that time-gain of about 60 nanoseconds within the margins of the CERN-Gran Sasso-experiments of September 2011. My theoretical results fulfil 'Carl Poppers demand': "The experiment(s) must match the theory, otherwise the theory is false! The theory indeeed matched the experiments. However, a lot of confusing information was broadcasted in the period of September 2011 to March 2012 by CERN. In September 2011 the OPERA-team of CERN said "yes" to the faster-than-light-neutrinos, while a few months later the ICARUS-team of CERN said "No" in February 23 2012, which was confirmed in May 2012 by ICARUS. However, I think OPERA and ICARUS will be right both in the end. I am convinced, just by proving it theoretically with my 'set of equations', that neutrino-pairs can violate Einstein Relativity.

There was my very disappointed about the resignation of Prof. Dr. Antonio Ereditato from the Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics after this neutrino-affaire. I am sure the 'neutrinos-faster-than-light' of the September 2011 marked a new phenomenon of  deteced 'dark matter flow', also theoretically proved in my 'papers'. My 'set of equations' prove the presence of a 'dark matter flow' could cause th neutrino-anomaly. However, the dispute was marked by 'fiber-problems'. But Listen carefully: I am not arguing these fiber-problems, but the manifestation is more complex than assumed. In times of budget-cuts and management-shifting powers, one was not familiar to handle such strange scientific anomalies. The scientifical political battle overshawdowed the possible new phenomenon. the fiber-problems were an intermediar for that. I refer to my paper http://viXra.org/abs/1204.0043, which undoubtedly shows neutrinos really can go faster-than-light as 'neutrino-pairs', powered to do that by the presence of dark matter. I show the lowest limit of the acceleration of the Newton-gravity is mathematically related to the dark matter-acceleration. The anomalous velocity is due to the presence of the 'dark matter flow'. This was detected by 5 out of 15000 neutrinos. So, the science-battle is not yet over! Even after physicist Sergio Bertolucci, research-director at Switzerland's CERN physics lab, presented new results on June 8 2012 at the 25th International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics in Kyoto, Japan, about neutrinos not-going-faster-than-light, I said to myself, "I am still astonished my equations offer a solution for the faster-than-light neutrinos".

The real secret is located in opening-up a complete new perspective: On how the universe could be interpreted alternatively. Several other of my papers propose such by a Double Torus shape for the Universe. Such a Double Torus exists of a dark energy-torus, which is enclosing, and intertwining, an inside dark matter-torus. Within this combined shape a recalculation-mechanism is operating, using 'two extra time-clocks from the Planck-time. The recalculation happens in the 'closed-time-curved shape' of the Double Torus shape and affects the established quantum-entanglement. Moreover, this new Double Torus dark energy-time is different from the Einstein-cosmological constant, called the 'Lamda-parameter', which is supposed to be to perform the established accelerated expansion of the Big Bang after 7 billion years after the initial cosmic inflation. However, the chance on 'good cosmic inflation' is almost "0". Moreover, cosmic inflation has never been confirmed experimentally. It is just an assumption. It is a suggestion to fit the homogeneous, variation-poor and flat-universe. Even gravitational waves have never been confirmed experimentally. Even an attempt to prove inflation by observing the polarization of the old photons caused by early gravitational waves in the Big Bang have never been detected thoroughly. Even in other theories gravitational waves could have been present much longer than the moment the Big Bang was supposed to start. This was stated and theoretically proved) by R. Penrose in his article and book "Cycles of Time" (Conformal Cyclic Cosmology).

Furthermore the current Big Bang has one time-direction (called the one-time-arrow of entropy). Entropy is the chaotic distribution of relativistic matter, including radiation, but without dark matter. Due to that distribution, time is always going forward. However, in my papers, 'two extra time-clocks below the Planck-time' are added to this 'one time-arrow'. These 'two extra time-arrows' give a refinement in the indivisibility of the established quantum-entanglement. This refinement-process could be considered as new "i"-formation, which stands for "induced"-information in the recalculation-mechanism. The refinement-process means an extreme tiny Double Torus would contain about 1044 surfaces as ""- formation for the recalculation of the established space-time. Each side of such a sub-quantum-Double Torus (translated as + and -) is filled with 1022 surfaces. The + and - definition corresponds to the + and - quantum-spin at larger scales in the established quantum physics. An indivisible length can therefore be divided in 1022 smaller pieces of length at the edge of the surface of that tiny Double Torus. In this way I succeeded in calculating a length-scale of 10-57 meter, which is much smaller than the Planck length (10-35 meter) iof Standard Physics. The most remarkable issue on this subject is: The predicted margins of space-lengths, proposed by the Integral-satellite-data (July 2011), matched my predictions. The Integral-satellite measured the light-energy-patterns from GRB's (Gamma-Ray-Bursts), which in turn point to a 'space-graininess' being far more less than 10-48 meter. So, my calculations reveal and confirm the rightness of space-time being recalculated in an alternative cosmology, which I revealed as the Double Torus Universe.

Is there evidence for 'two extra time-clocks'? Yes! I theoretically describe this with the experimental measured 'alpha-dipole'. The 'alpha-dipole' represents the strength of the electromagnetic-force and appears to be as well as smaller as larger, in opposite directions of the hemisphere of the universe. This is marked by the research of the Keck- and VLT-telescope. I showed that the calculated deviations in the alpha-dipole are increasingly smaller than the measured ones (in both directions) by applying my (new) dark energy force in that calculation. This implies the currently assumed Big Bang would NOT be a 4D-hypersphere, but must have a closed-time-curved shape of a rotational Double Torus Universe. I'm convinced my theory is being confirmed in the near future.

The overview of my 'papers' is hosted at http://vixra.org/author/dan_visser. My paintings can be observed in the other buttons of my website