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 Dan Visser, 2009 (photogragh Nydia M. de Keyzer).


In 1999 my website contained an article written in simple math-physics (written here below the introduction). It proved two kinds of information-loss exist in the universe. After combining the different formulas for these two information-losses, the result showed a "returned-information" from below the Planck-scale. This manifests as ? 4.45% visible matter. The rest is "dark matter and dark energy". The result shows (by a formula) the event-horizon of a Planck hole is located inside the boundery of an elementary surface-quantum. I called this my 'subquantum-manifest', because it refined the Planck-length of Standard Physics.

On the other hand a Black hole would evaporate, according to Hawking in 1974 (termic radiation). For smaller Black holes, the faster the evaporation would happen. At that time it was known the event-horizon could be interpreted as containing all the information of what was disappeared in a Black hole. So, after increasingly faster evaporation a Planck hole would release all the information as visible light.

Then afterwards the awareness developed that information could never be lost, because it concerns the information-differences of evry that was disappeared. Such an "information-code" points out that real "information-loss" could never be the case (unitarity-principle). The "code" of all disappeared information can be considered as subquantum-information, coming from below the Planck-scale. I deducted this on my own way, five years earlier than Stephen Hawking admitted that information could never be lost, loosing his bet with Kip Thorne in 2004.

I decided to send an email about this to the APS (PRL) for peer-review, on September 21, 1999. At that time my way of subjecting this was a weird paradox. The APS didn't want to publish it and never gave any valid motivation for their decision. Maybe it was because I also stated that "telepathy" could be based on particles related to this "information-code". I thought these would be imagined as "dark waves". The equivalent particles I called "black particles". I also mentioned I was a  "painting-artist", which didn't make it look serious at all.

January 10, 2010, I published my 'subquantum-manifest' on my website. It became the base for further developement of the Double Torus theory. It was the period I developed my 'time-torus model', which appeared to be the pre-cosmological model for the Double Torus Hypothesis (Twin-tori model) that was introduced in co-authorship with Christopher Forbes (UK), PhD Math and Physics (and his colleage).


Firstly, I was not able to use a kind of math-type formulas at that time, so I wrote it as seperate word-typing.

The information-loss of a black hole is represented as the entropy S.

         A      nOe     A       1

S = ___  =  __  =   __ = __ A                                 (S. Hawking 1974)

        4Oe     4Oe     4       4

with A = 4 pi (Rs) [m2] as the surface of a black hole.

The entropy S is a dimensionless number. So A is the amount of Planck-surfaces.The squared Plancklength is Oe, which is also called a elementary surface-quantum, and is as follows: 


Oe = ______

        2 (pi) c^3

h = Planckconstant; G = gravitationconstant; c = the lightspeed.


The orbit of light through the universe is described by the next formula:

d            t                        t

__ = 3 ( _ )^2/3 . { 1 - ( _ )^1/3}     (formule 2 by P.Hoying after correction, reference: source Zenith-magazine, The Netherlands)

ct0         t0                     t0

In this formula is:

d = the distance to the lightsource.

c = the lightspeed.

t0 = the age of the universe.

t = the time at which a lightbeam departs from its lightsource.

t= t0 is the presents.

t< t0 is the past.

t> t0 is the future.

t=0 the Big Bang starts as an illusive dynamics.

In my view, as long as light has not reached an observer, there is still na informationloss from the past.

This is also the case when information disappears into a black hole that at last will evaporate. As long as we have to wait for that, it is informationloss from the past. Therefore the informationloss can be described by making the formula (1) and (2) equal to eachother, as follows:

For S = A' / 4O follows:

4(pi) c^3 (Rs)        t                      t

_________     = 3. (_ )^2/3 . { 1 - ( _ )^1/3}

       2hG                  t0                   t0

                     hG                t                       t

(Rs) = 3 . ________ .    ( _ )^2/3 . { 1 - ( _ )^1/3 }

                   2(pi) c^3        t0                    t0

Then the question I put myself:  In what condition for (t) is the present and past existing simultaniously? This means I have to substitute t = t0 and t << t0  in the different parts of the equations. The decision to be made is: t = t0 must be substituted in the 1-st part and t << t0 in the 2-nd part and not in reversed. I explain that:

   t                        t

( _ )^ 2/3 . { 1 - ( _ ) ^1/3}

  t0                      t0

in --1-st-- and --2-nd--

---------- part -------------

t = t0              t << t0

Reverse substitution is not allowed, because then (Rs) = 0 and would have no length. This should mean that the existence of black holes would be discarded. Moreover also h, G en c would not exist, which should mean that general phsics would not exist. This is unacceptable, because then there would be no expanding universe. That is not what we observe. Therefore t = t0 must be substituted in the first part. From this follows:


(Rs) = 3 . _____. "1"

               2(pi) c^3

The meaning of "1" is : "(Rs) exists (or in other words: is true) ".  Consequently there are black holes in the universe.  So, this is a confirmation of Einsteins relativity, which is accepted physics. From this follows : 


(Rs) =  _     Oe    [m]           


This expresses my subquantum manifest (Dan Visser, Almere The Netherlands; dan.visser@planet.nl)

It shows that the event-horizon is located inside the elementary surface-quantum, because 3/pi < 1 .

So it concludes the event-horizon of a Planck hole is located inside the Planck-hole.

The factor (3 / pi) = 0.14 and differs from pi with (0.14 / 3.14) . 100% = 4.45 %. This is released as visible matter. The rest are "dark matter and dark energy events".

This original formulation has been written on April 16-2003 and was textual modified on July 3 2012.

Juridical terms applied (see web-button on this website)