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DAN paintings

5 schilderijen te koop voor 1 Miljoen Euro.

De schilderijen houden verband met gevoelens en emoties rond de ontwikkeling van mijn nieuwe heelal-theorie: De Dubbel Torus Theorie van DAN. Een zeldzame collectie schilderijen komt hiermee beschikbaar.

Gevraagd: Koper, private instelling, kunstverzamelaar, of museum. Voor meer informatie over mijn schilderijen kunt u bellen naar (ing.) Dan Visser, vanuit Nederland 036 5499701 en vanuit het buitenland 0031 36 54 99 701.



Five paintings for sale for one Million Euro.

The paintings are related to feelings and emotions around the developement of my new theory for the universe: The Double Torus Theory of DAN. A rare collection comes available with this. Requested: A buyer, private company, art-collector, or museum. For more information about my paintings, call (ing.) Dan Visser 0031 36 54 99 701.

Reason for buying: My paintings are related to the development of my NEW THEORY OF THE UNIVERSE. So, these paintings are already special and maybe therefore collect-worthy for buyers. The paintings represent my feelings and emotions about the developped of my new theory. The theory is described in a large series of scientific articles representing the framework: The Double Torus Theory (DTT)*.

*No Big Bang. The DTT discards the Big Bang: The theory theoretically proves and explains The Big Bang is not the origine of the universe, of which many scientists (among which many young scientists) belive it has started 13.8 billion years ago. The DTT says NO: The universe has always been there fysically and will never end ripped-apart, or end as a large empty-cold universe. The DTT appears to give proof for living in a 'Hologram of Gravity', which follows a much larger eternally rotating Time-Torus-Universe (rTTU). This rotation-feature is an extension of the proclamation the universe could just be a  'hologram'. Such a 'stand-alone hologram' is only based on 'information-calculations' related to thermic-radiation and information-conservation on the event-horizons of blackholes, however, the formulas I describe prove a 'Hologram of Gravity' embedded in a 'Time-Torus', which is even part of three different rotating 'time-tori' : The Triple-Time-Torus (TTT), for light, visible matter and dark matter. Such announces a COMPLETELY NEW perception of the universe, theoretically proved in my articles.

Be the first to buy these paintings!

For more information: Ing. D.C.M. Visser (DAN), Almere, the Netherlands.

Phone: +31 36 54 99 701 , or email dan.visser@planet.nl

For further viewing (two choices):

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2.  More about the theory and paintings for sale, follow:  http://www.darkfieldnavigator.com/index.php?menu=90 . You find the link to the articles!

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