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New Cosmology + Art

    DAN's Art       DAN *1947, in 2008   

                  and              (DTT)

                                                                                                New Theory for the Universe: Double Torus Theory (DTT).

                                                                           Slogan for the DTT: Forget the Big Bang !!

        New Cosmology  DAN-painting from 2013 


Website: Last update: October 6 2014. This website is owned by (ing.) Dan Visser (DAN), Almere, the Netherlands; independent cosmologist and Art-painter. The website shows the procalmation of my new cosmological theory and a series of self-made paintings from my private painting-collection. These paintings are for sale!

About me: I have always been painting since my childhood. I studied electronics, general-management, art-history, science-developement and politics, while painting continuously to pick-up what physical-reality fundamentally is. This made me do several technical- and management-technical projects in the past. Nowadays I am an authentic Art-Painter and Independent Ccosmologist (retired), doing independent theoretical research on physical cosmology, wherein also a deeper vacuum is involved in the physics of today. My slogan is: Forget the Big Bang. We do not live in a Big Bang-universe. Several of my science-articles are available in the vixra-archive to proclaim my new cosmology, called the Double Torus Theory. Reference:

My new cosmological theory is the Double Torus Theory (DTT): My theory proclaims the Universe is a rotational, eternal and continuously (self) recalculating Universe. In such a universe General Relativity Theory (GRT) and Quantum-Theory (QT) remain valid. However, in the DTT the time is extended by time smaller than the Planck-time. That is a new paradigm for dark matter in a deeper vacuum! This leads to a large refined time-torus, which encloses, and intertwines, an inner dark matter torus. However, this dark matter is not solid matter. Instead the new dark matter-paradigm describes dark matter as 'time-densities'. These are refined time-events affecting information-densities in a deeper vacuum. The related dynamics perform the recalculation of the smallest Newton-quantum-force, which depends on a dark matter force. Both are part of a new dark energy-force. These formulations are described physics-mathematically-and-dimensionally in detail and are hosted by the vixra-archive. The new dark energy-force and dark energy goes beyond the 'cosmological constant' from Einstein's GRT. The DTT I developed goes beyond any other theory that still supports Big Bang Theory, such as the M-theory, wihch embedds a 5-dual string-theory, but still supports Big Bang universes. However, the DTT-framework proclaims a rotating universe with the shape of a torus. Such a universe rotates as a system as a whole, without the need of an accelerated space-expansion of Big Bang dynamics. Such is an illusionary phenomenon, just like the beginning or end. On the contrary the DTT has neither a beginning or end. Study my articles in the vixra-archive and re-live the developement of my Double Torus Theory.

Media-invitations: contact: dan.visser@planet.nlphone +31 (0) 36 54 99 701.

Subjects: *Art *Independent Cosmology *New Art for Art-collectors and Investers *Politics .


Twitter: @DANheelal

Juridical terms of my website:



DAN's Art.

I relate my paintings to my New Cosmology in a sense of different Art-styles. The power to imagine another universe than the Big Bang, is symbolic for my Art. My paintings will be an interesting asset for Art-collectors and Art-investors. Here are some of my paintings:




A series of Paintings in my different styles.

My Art-style is registered as 'Duonisme®'. It is related to my new cosmological theory for the universe. It considers new dynamics in a  Double Torus Universe'. The new dynamics are:  Phhysics-events are not only determined by the current quantum-dynamics and General Relativity, but also by new dark energy dynamics. Thereby dark matter is a time-density based on time smaller than the Planck-time. This implies a new shape for the univers, called the Double Torus Universe. The implication of it is, that not 'dualisme' as it is known in standard physiscs and cosmology to describe a particle or a wave determines the perception of the universe, but also sub-quantum dynamics are involved! These are dynamics based on that refined time affecting dark matter, which is not used in Big Bang comology. In the Double Torus Universe quantum-gravity is therefore recalculated. So 'Duonism' means the use of both kind of dynamics (quantum and sub-quantum). That gives a wider, broader, larger, eternal and rotational universe with an extended physics-reality. Remarkably I came-up with existing experiments and observations, which show the evidence for my Double Torus Theory. So, not only planets, stars and galaxies rotate, but the whole universe rotates as a Double Torus Universe. Forget the Big Bang!

Large paintings in my home are for sale. 

For Sale: Four of DAN's extraordinary paintings (acrylic on canvas, 110 x 120 cm and painted from 2008 till 2011); sophisticated framed-in at 136 cm x 146 cm.  The paintings relate to my New Cosmology (DTT-theory). The prices for these paintings are on special request (rather expensive). Contact: or by Phone: +31 (0) 36 54 99 701.


The painting (New Cosmology) I dedicated to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.


Left: 'New Cosmology' (Price on special request). Right: 'New Cosmology' with two other paintings (at the left) in my home. 

"This painting 'New Cosmology’ is painted in acrylic on high quality-canvas and measures 100 x 120 cm. I promoted this painting as my dream for the new King Willem-Alexander en Queen Maxima in the Netherlands. This painting expresses my new perception of the universe and changes society from a phylosophical point of view. No Big Bang, no Big Bounce and no cascade of Big Bangs. 'New Cosmology' stands for a new shape of the universe: The Double Torus Universe. The society has to be aware of recalculations in such a universe, which is also rotational. This imagination is psychologically, socially and economically of wider interest. It is a necessity for the future of our world and country. That might seem my dream, but for which is proof of real existence! "
The two small paintings at the right above (left-side):

Left: "Torus Flamingo", this painting is a real collectors item!! Acrilic on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, FOR SALE (suggested price)3500 Euro, painted in Spain. The painting symbolizes the crises in Spain. Spain will survive. The painting is framed-in sophisticated in a modern black-gold frame. Right: 'Barbados Waves', acrylic on paper, 30 x 40 cm, framed-in in 40 x 50 cm gold-coloured frame and for sale for (suggested price) 2950 Euro (I discovered this painting as part of my Barbados-collection (9 pieces) betweeen several old preserved paintings of mine on my art-room). The complete Barbados-series is for sale! The nine pieces are showed forther on this page. 

Contact Email: .

For Sale (showing below): The painting at the left is a pre-version painted in 2012 ahead of my sub-quantum paintings painted a year later (2013) in Spain. The painting on the right was a year before (2011).
On the left: Th painting is from 2012 and called: 'Deeper Quantum World', 30 x 40 cm, acrylic on paper (framed-in in a black frame, 40 x 50 cm) and for sale (suggested price) 2150 euro. On the right: The painting is from 2011 and called 'Parasols in the heat', acrylic on panel, 33 x 47 cm (framed-in in a black-cold coloured frame) and for sale (suggested price) 2500 euro.
For Sale (showing below): The collection of the sub-quantum world (as I said painted in Spain in 2013).
This subquantum-collection is for sale for (suggested price) 3150 euro each; all six for sale (suggested price) 15750 euro. All framed-in in silver-coloured frames.
1-Sub Quantum World   2-Sub Quantum Dynamics   3-Small and Large Blackhole   4-Dark Energy Space   5-Recalculating Dark Matter   6-Happy Dark Matter World.  The paintings are painted in acryl on paper. These paintings (32 x 45 cm) are framed (52 x 73 cm) in siver-coloured frames.
For Sale (showing below): My Bardados Collection from 2011 ! (painted in Barbados).
The paintings (1) (2) (3) acrilic on canvas-panel; 29 x 38 cm; black-gold-coloured framed-in;
(suggested prices) each 4525 Euro, or 13000 Euro all three.
(1) Flying Fish in the Sun; (2) Barbados Frequencies; (3) Moon in Barbados
The paintings (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) are acrilic on paper; 30 x 40 cm; cold-coloured framed-in;
(suggested prices) each 2950 Euro, or 15000 Euro all six.
(4) Fishes at the Beach; (5) The Beach Terras; (6) Chattel Village; (7) Hairy in his boat; (8) Sailboat at the Beach; (9) Tourist Boat.
For Sale: A few of my early cosmological paintings !
This cosmological collection is for sale (suggested prices) 1950 euro each; all three for 5200 euro.
(1) Wave of the 21-st century (aquarel op panel, 1999), 50 x 60 cm; (2) Astronomcal Rose (aquarel op panel, 1998), 50 x 80 cm;
(3) Neutrino' pass through everything (mixed technique on paper 1998), 90 x 100 cm.
DAN's book     
DAN's new cosmological theory is offered as a collector's item (only 5 books signed).
My book describes the beginning of my Double Torus Theory to mid-2012. It is related to the articles I submitted to the vixra-archive upon that timeline. Within the book a comparison is made with current ideas of cosmology. For me it is clear the imagination about cosmology depends a lot on the interpretation, which the institutional science is willing to make; however, untill now it persists to the Big Bang as an addiction. I resist that. I come up with theoretical facts, related to experiments and astronomical observations, which prove the universe is rotating as a Double Torus Universe! The only thing needed is to convince Big Bang-believers they have to switch to another interpretation of cosmological perceptance. A lot of cosmologist, however, stiil haven't heard from my Double Torus Theory. Scientific journals don't dare to publish my articles. They play on 'safe' by listening to the institutions. Accept the vixra-archive, which offers the opportunity to publish good-based ideas, although controversial. I am very thankfull to them! So, this book is a COLLECTOR's item,  beacuse all of this! It is 76 pages content and illustrated with some of my paintings.    
The book is for sale for Euro 157. Contact:

Some mathematical clips about the dynamics of a torus:

An interesting spiritual clip that connects the new cosmology of the Dubbel Torus Universe to consciousness of people as part of the universe:


Dan and Nydia


Nydia M. de Keyzer and Dan Visser, married on July 22 2008.

This website is hosted by webspacedesign. The content of this website is written by Dan Visser. The content considers Dan's articles, paintings, images, illustrations and references, owned by Dan Visser. In one of the vixra-papers the expression 'Twin-Tori cosmological Model' is used; in this specific case the information is mutual to me and Christopher Forbes (UK) by means of a temporarilly co-operation through email-contact.  Since the beginning of 2011 that contact has been lost, unfortunatelly. All rights are reserved concerning the original findings of Dan Visser. This website is updated regularly. For more details, questions and publications, read 'juridical terms'