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Last update: August 4, 2014.

Fig. 1  Double Torus Universe    Fig.  2  DAN

Double Torus Theory: New Theory for the Universe !

by DAN Visser (*1947), Almere, the Netherlands (fig. 2). Follow me on Twitter @DANheelal .

My articles refer to evidence and are hosted in the vixra-archive!

 I am also an Art-Painter! Look at my Paintings for sale (scroll down this page!). My paintings are related to my New Cosmology: A seriously great opportunity for Art-collectors!

 Forget the Big Bang! The Big Bang is an 'optical illusion'.

The Universe is a rotational Universe.

The expansion of spacetime is an optical illusion, because of a rotational dark matter torus. Dark matter is embedded deeper in vacuum and produces 4.45% visible matter due to a process of time smaller than the Planck-time.

The refined-time-process causes a surrounding and intertwining torus of new dark energy. This dark energy is different from the cosmological constant in General Relativity. It performs a larger torus than the dark matter torus. That initiates the rotation of the universe: A Double Torus Universe! (see fig. 1)

We are located in the Double Torus Universe. What we believe to experience as accelerated space-expansion, giving us the idea of the finite existence of the Big Bang (once started in time and heading destructively towards an empty universe) is in fact illusionary. Illusionary, because of the rotation of the dark matter torus gives the impression of expansion by the existing acceleration towards the centre of the dark matter torus. This might make us think we live in a 'spinning' Big Bang, but that must be excluded, because the dark matter torus has new characteristics than currently is supposed for dark matter. New dark matter balances between attraction and expansion. This leads to a stable and eternal rotational universe. So indeed, forget the Big Bang! In the Double Torus Universe the combination of 'refined time of two additional time-clocks' smaller than the Planck-time' and spatial dark matter sub-sequences the events at a subquantum-level in vacuum. That scale is smaller than is permitted in Big Bang-cosmology.

Is such a scale allowed in physics?

Well, not for addicted Big Bang scientists, but 'yes' for me, and I tell you why? A series of analysis described in my articles, and posted in the vixra-archive, show consistent evidence, which matches several already performed lab-experiments and astronomical observations. I show: Dark matter is no vast particle! Dark matter is a spatial construction, which 'flows', and is built by 'refined time'. This kind of dark matter initiates new dynamics. The new dynamics are based on two sub-quantum particles, which are new, and which I have called: 'Duonistic neutrinos".

Duonistic neutrinos distinguish from the current standard neutrino-family. Duonistic neutrinos are the buildingblocks of the spatial dark matter. They are related to the refined time, which sub-sequences the quantumdynamics. Duonistic neutrinos are rotationallly entangled during the rotation of the dark matter torus. Duonistic neutrinos are also capable of setting up conditions for standard neutrinos and photons to violate General Relativity. This whole construction is the representation of a new dark matter force!

All these claims (my claims), evidence and interpretations, are put into my new framework, which is called: The Double Torus Theory (DTT). This framework is posted in the vixra-archive, because other archives often obstructed me due to conservatism, or bad motivations for accepting my submissions.

Therefore I don't doubt to say the majority of the institutional cosmology is addicted to the Big Bang, The majority is losing the creativity to look ahead in science, especially when the knowledge comes from an 'outsider'. All the focus is on using old-science for paid presentations and applied technology. But my findings are cristal clear: The Big Bang-cosmology can no longer be maintained as the current origin of the universe! We live in a rotational universe, which is an eternal universe of sub-quantum-recalculation. Find the details in .

Youtube-Video (dutch spoken) about the DTT:

Note: This website uses juridical terms, which can be find by clicking:


The Double Torus Universe is a rotational and eternal recalculated universe.

Background: I have always been painting since my childhood, but choose to study electronics, management and science. This made me do several projects. Nowadays I am an Art-painter / independent cosmologist (retired) writing controversial articles about new cosmology.  This is important to know, because my paintings represent my artistic world that resists the finite Big Bang-cosmology. This in favor of an eternal and rotational ‘Double Torus Universe’. I think my vision looks ahead, but for the moment this makes my paintings too different from the current world-wide-Art-culture. However, this does not exclude them from a possible interest of art-collectors.

Evidence: The evidence for my Double Torus Theory exists of calculations from my new equations and matches several experiments and astronomical observations. Thereby the willingness and acceptance by another interpretation is needed among institutional cosmologists and Physicists. This means not only interpretations within the Big Bang theory is important, but also interpretation from the point of view of the Double Torus Theory have to be considered. I was able to calculate results by a series of equations derived from my 'new dark energy-force formula'. These equations enabled me to express dimensionally a 'dark flow' and the existence of 'concentric circles' in the CMB, as well as a CMB-dipole (Cosmic Microwave Background).

Rotational CMB: The universe must be observed as a rotational CMB (see fig 1 and 2), because the CMB is part of the torus-rotation in the Double Torus Universe. This is a different perception than from Big Bang cosmology. In Big Bang cosmology a 'stationary CMB' is the afterglow from cosmic inflation after the Big Bang. However, that is a false representation of the origin of the universe! The Big Bang is an illusion due to the new dynamics from the Double Torus Universe. But note well, General Relativity stays valid. What is new is that additional time smaller than the Planck-time is applied to 'spatial dark matter'.

 (1) (2)

Fig. 1: CMB-dipole (upside-down) detected by the Planck-satellite in 2013 (source ESA) and coded by me the way dark matter flows along through the torus. Mind the dark spot !

Fig. 2: The interpretation of that code into a rotational CMB of the Double Torus Universe (source: Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands).

3 4

Fig. 3 Concentric Circles are originally proposed in the CCC-theory of Penrose and Gurzadyan (source their article: Arxiv 1011.3706 Conformal Cyclic Cosmology (CCC), which neglects a Big Bang because cosmic inflation is not needed). In total about 350 of these concentric circles are detected experimentally in the Boomerang- and WMAP-satellite data. But although they assumed these circles are due to super black hole collisons in an earlier universe with linear cyclic cosmology, I have reason enough to decide there picture can fit in the rotational closed-curved dark matter torus within the Double Torus Universe. This relates to recalculation of quantum-dynamics in an eternal Double Torus Universe. My new formula for dark matter force proves this dimensionally.

Fig 4: The analysis of the dimensions of the sub-quantum-dark-matter-force in the Double Torus Theory (source: Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands, email .

New Dark Energy: My equation of the 'new Dark Energy Force' shows the origin is continuously the result of a recalculation of quantum-gravity. That recalculation is powered by sub-quantum-time only. The sub-quantum-time exists of two refined time-clocks smaller than the Planck-time. This might be controversial, but can no longer be neglected, because it follows from calculations made with my new equations. These calculations match experiments held in labs and astronomical observations. My new dark-energy-force-equation includes the force of quantum-gravity and dark matter force. The dark matter dimension shows dark matter is more a space-like feature than a dark matter mass-particle (so not a 'wimp'). The dark matter-force initiates a 'spatial dark flow'. So, that 'flow' comprehends about 96% physical events we are supposing not to see. These events carry other information than we are attaching to quantum-dynamics. I call the refined information "i"-formation. The other roughly 4% belongs to the visible detected information in the universe.

"i"-formation: The "i"-formation is observed in the early universe as part of a rotational CMB. The CMB firstly shows temperature-variations (belonging to the stationary way of observed CMB in Big Bang cosmology), but additionally more equal lower temperature-variations are present in the CMB as 'concentric circles' (fig. 3). This new phenomenon is derived in the Double Torus Theory. It is due to 'duonistic neutrinos', which are sub-quantum entangled by time smaller than the Plancktime. The 'duonistic neutrinos ' are different from sterile neutrinos. Sterile neutrinos are a typical Big Bang 'invention'.

Dark matter flow: The dark matter flow, which fleets all along the torus, rotates within a larger surrounding torus. That is the one of time smaller than the Planck-time. In principle this causes a super-large density of dark matter, which is fleeting towards an observer in the Double Torus. So, a dark matter-flow fleeting away from an observer shows a less large-density relative to the observer's location. The observer therefore watches a 'rotational CMB' of hotter temperature-variations in one side of the hemisphere. In the other half of the hemisphere the observer watches a fleeting-away of dark matter, causing cooler temperature-variations. This observation leads to a CMB-dipole (fig. 1). This is not theoretically stated, but proved by measurements of the WMAP- and the Planck-satellite (in 2003 and 2013).

Observer: This "fleeting-towards an  observer-effect" and "fleeting away observers-effect" might generate duplicate images of both dark matter flows. Such duplicate-images are also known at the gravitational lensing with large densities of galaxy-clusters. So, it is likely that multiple duplicates of gravitational-waves are being distributed all over the 'rotational-CMB'. This means there are no gravitational waves in the CMB due to the Big Bang followed by cosmic inflation. We cognitively live in a rotational Double Torus Universe! As I said: "The most incredible effect is generated by the sub-quantum-time and the 'duonistic neutrinos'. Both perform a refined dark flow, which cause 'concentric circles' in the rotational CMB (fig. 3).

My theory of the Double Torus Universe: There is an attachment to the 'concentric-circles' from the dynamics of time smaller than the Planck-time and dark matter. I show in the evidence that the accelerated space-expansion, that started 5-7 billion years after the Big Bang - inclusive its cosmic inflation - is an illusion due to the rotational characteristics of the dark matter-flow in the Double Torus Universe. This is shown in figure 4. As you can see the circles are produced by the dimensional dynamics of an other sort of dark matter, which is further explained in my vixra-articles. These dark matter-dynamics describe circular-velocity (which is spin on the surface of the innerside of the dark matter torus), while the dark matter torus rotates. The combined effect of the rotation and circular-velocity produce a lot of 'concentric circles' (large and small) and are to be seen in the CMB. This is the evidence for recalculation of the quantum-dynamics in the Double Torus Theory. The circles are indeed practically detected in the research of Penrose and Gurzadyan, despite they refer that to an other effect in their CCC-theory.

For Dutch readers: my BLOG-page (2-nd web-button left)! Buying my paintings: Email: or Phone: +31 (0) 36 54 99 701. You can follow me on Twitter with @DANheelalI am available for:* Presentations of the 'Double Torus Theory'. * Suggestions for custom-made paintings related to the 'Double Torus Universe'. * Sponsers (advertising) are welcome. 

DAN's Art.

I relate my paintings to my New Cosmology in a sense of different Art-styles This means that the power to imagine another universe than the Big Bang, is symbolic for my Art. Therefore my paintings will be an interesting asset for Art-collectors and Art-investors.




A series of my Paintings in different styles.

My Art-style is registered as 'Duonisme®'. This name is related to my new theory for the universe. This considers new dynamics in a  Double Torus Universe'. So, forget the Big Bang! The new dynamics claim: Physics-events are determined by the current quantum-dynamics and new dark energy dynamics. Thereby spatial dark matter shapes the Double Torus Universe in a new formula by means of the involvement of refined time smaller than the Planck-time.

The implication of it is, that not 'dualisme', as in standard physiscs and cosmology is described by a particle or a wave, determines the perception of the universe, but also sub-quantum dynamics is involved! Especially time at a smaller level than is permitted in Big Bang cosmology. In the Double Torus Universe the quantum-gravity is recalculated. This is what my 'Duonism' is. My 'duonism' uses both kind of dynamics. That gives us the physics-reality. That is the reality wherein gravity (and also quantumgravity) is no longer a fundamental force. And remarkable enough, I also came-up with already existing experimental ans observational evidence. That must be considered in a new perspective. All of my findings show that NOT ONLY PLANETS ROTATE, OR GALLAXIES, BUT THE UNIVERSE AS A WHOLE SYSTEM ROTATES!!

Because of this new perception towards another universe shape and dynamics, called the Double Torus Universe (instead of the Big Bang), I show my paintings in different art-styles! Reallity is not a vast pattern of consetvative-sequenced events, but is continuously changing on  a deeper level of space. It symbolizes that events are not a coincidence due to quantum-mechanics, but connected in a deeper level of events. This must be applied to science too. That is what I want to express towards the addicted Big Bang scientists: Don't persist in the same style of science.

Large paintings in my home. 

For Sale: Four of DAN's extraordinary paintings (acrylic on canvas, 110 x 120 cm and painted from 2008 till 2011); sophisticately framed-in at 136 cm x 146 cm.  They relate to my New Cosmology.

Prices for these paintings are on special request (valued expensive). or by Phone: +31 (0) 36 54 99 701

 The painting I dedicated to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.


       'New Cosmology'. Price only on special request.    'New Cosmology' with two other paintings on the wall in my home. 

"This painting 'New Cosmology’ is painted in acrylic on high quality-canvas and measures 100 x 120 cm. I promoted this painting as my dream for the new King Willem-Alexander en Queen Maxima in the Netherlands. This painting expresses my new perception of the universe and changes society from a phylosophical point of view. No Big Bang, no Big Bounce and no cascade of Big Bangs. 'New Cosmology' stands for a new shape of the universe: The Double Torus Universe. The society has to be aware of recalculations in such a universe, which is also rotational. This imagination is psychologically, socially and economically of wider interest. It is a necessity for the future of our world and country. That might seem my dream, but for which is proof of real existence! "
Two other extraordinary paintings:

On the Left: "Torus Flamingo", this painting is a real collectors item!! Acrilic on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, FOR SALE for 3500 Euro, painted in Spain. The painting symbolizes the crises in Spain. Spain will survive. The painting is framed-in sophisticately in a modern black-gold frame.

On the Right: 'Barbados Waves', acrylic on paper, 30 x 40 cm, framed-in in 40 x 50 cm gold-coloured frame and for sale for 2950 Euro (I discovered this painting as part of my Barbados-collection (9 pieces) betweeen several old preserved paintings of mine on my art-room). The complete Barbados-series is for sale! The nine pieces are showed forther on this page. 

Contact Email: .

For Sale (showing below): The painting at the left is a pre-version painted in 2012 ahead of my sub-quantum paintings painted a year later (2013) in Spain. The painting on the right was a year before (2011).
Left: Th painting is from 2012 and called: 'Deeper Quantum World', 30 x 40 cm, acrylic on paper (framed-in in a black frame, 40 x 50 cm) and for sale at 2150 euro. Right: The painting is from 2011 and called 'Parasols in the heat', acrylic on panel, 33 x 47 cm (framed-in in a black-cold coloured frame) and for sale at 2500 euro.
For Sale (showing below): The collection of the sub-quantum world (as I said painted in Spain in 2013).
This subquantum-collection is for sale for at 3150 euro each; all six for 15750 euro. All framed-in in silver-coloured frames.
1-Sub Quantum World   2-Sub Quantum Dynamics   3-Small and Large Blackhole   4-Dark Energy Space   5-Recalculating Dark Matter   6-Happy Dark Matter World.  The paintings are painted in acryl on paper. These paintings (32 x 45 cm) are framed (52 x 73 cm) in siver-coloured frames.
For Sale (showing below): My Bardados Collection from 2011 ! (painted in Barbados).
The paintings (1) (2) (3) acrilic on canvas-panel; 29 x 38 cm; black-gold-coloured framed-in; each 4525 Euro, or 13000 Euro all three.
(1) Flying Fish in the Sun; (2) Barbados Frequencies; (3) Moon in Barbados
The paintings (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) are acrilic on paper; 30 x 40 cm; cold-coloured framed-in; each 2950 Euro, or 15000 Euro all six.
(4) Fishes at the Beach; (5) The Beach Terras; (6) Chattel Village; (7) Hairy in his boat; (8) Sailboat at the Beach; (9) Tourist Boat.
For Sale: A few of my early cosmological paintings !
This cosmological collection is for sale at 1950 euro each; all three for 5200 euro.
(1) Wave of the 21-st century (aquarel op panel, 1999), 50 x 60 cm; (2) Astronomcal Rose (aquarel op panel, 1998), 50 x 80 cm;
(3) Neutrino' pass through everything (mixed technique on paper 1998), 90 x 100 cm.
DAN's book about his new cosmological theory is a collector's item.
My book describes the beginning of my Double Torus Theory to mid-2012. It is related to the articles I submitted to the vixra-archive upon that timeline. Within the book a comparison is made with current ideas of cosmology. For me it is clear the imagination about cosmology depends a lot on the interpretation, which the institutional science is willing to make; however, untill now it persists to the Big Bang as an addiction. I resist that. I come up with theoretical facts, related to experiments and astronomical observations, which prove the universe is rotating as a Double Torus Universe! The only thing needed is to convince Big Bang-believers they have to switch to another interpretation of cosmological perceptance. A lot of cosmologist, however, stiil haven't heard from my Double Torus Theory. Scientific journals don't dare to publish my articles. They play on 'safe' by listening to the institutions. Accept the vixra-archive, which offers the opportunity to publish good-based ideas, although controversial. I am very thankfull to them! So, this book is a COLLECTOR's item,  beacuse all of this! It is 76 pages content and illustrated with some of my paintings.


   DAN Visser presents New Cosmology:
Double Torus Universe.
The Double Torus Theory proves the universe to be a rotational universe.
The Double Torus universe is a framework which is described by rather simply physics-mathemmatics and based on a new dark energy force formula derived from an extraordinary thought-experiment. This thought-experiment is explained seperately in one of the web-buttons left in this website. Shortly explained: Making temperature of different sized black holes (small and large) equal by a scaling-process to enable an observer to receive equal termic radiation from both in vacuum, results in a new dark energy-force that comprehends as well quantum-gravity as dark matter-force ruled by refined time (time smaller than the Planck-time). The scaling-process extends General Relativity Theory (GRT) to a Double Torus Universe.
Refined time.
The time-evolution in Double Torus Universe is differently from that in the Big Bang cosmology. In Big Bang cosmology the time-evolution is always going forward, just as in GRT (General Relativity) despite of being relative to a moving reference-system. But in the Double Torus Universe time is replaced by a refinement of time-smaller-than-the-Plancktime. This refinement is applied to a dark matter-force that recalculates quantumgravity. In the Double Torus framework dark matter looks more like a dark matter vacuum-particle than a dark matter-particle in vacuum.
Big Bang accelerated space-expansion is an optical illusion in the Double Torus Universe.
My set of equations in the Double Torus framework reveals accelerated space-expansion (discovered in 1998) appears to be an optical illusion!! This is caused by two accelerations expressed in the dimension of  the dark matter-force. Th dark matter-force is a part of the new dark energy force formula together with the force of quantumgravity. One can imagine the way was thought the sun  was moving around the earth ages ago, the insight the earth is moving around the sun was enlighting the soul. That kind of dynamics-interpretation in a  similar way reveals the Big Bang is part of a rotational Double Torus Universe. The word 'Double' points to a larger torus of refined time that encloses and intertwines a smaller inner dark matter-torus.
Phylosophy of past and future changes.
Lately I also derived a set of equations to describe the 'DAN-energy' and 'DAN-constant', which prove specific calculations can be performed for particle-energy-densities like neutrinos. That considers time close to, equal or smaller than the Plancktime. From this perspective I calculated neutrinos, which are empowered by this refined time in the Double Torus framwork. These results change the philosophy of time completely, beacuse past- and future-events become part of a rotational Double Torus Universe, wherein the GRT can also be violated. That doesn't mean the GRT would be replaced. On the contrary, GRT remains a normal part of the Double Torus cosmology. However, time will be active in a sub-quantum-level and affect quantum-gravity where Relativity ends !! I succeeded in doing that by my latest set of equations to bring them in combination of my (new) dark energy force-formula and a rather new energy-formula for entropy-gravity. That result reveals the afore mantioned 'DAN-energy' and the 'DAN-constant'. These energy-formulations enabled me to calculate the neutrino high-energy and appeared to match the detection-value by the IceCube-detector in Antartica. It also enabled me to prove neutrino-rest energy of 2.2 eV and  0.1 eV, respectively existing behind the event-horizon of a black hole, to be 1/21 and 1/100 of the Plancktime. This is smaller than the Plancktime. So that violates the GRT! The GRT is limited to the event-horizon of a black-hole, There the Planck-time is the lowest limit for time in Big Bang cosmology. But as explained: Time is extended by refined time in the Double Torus Universe.
Dark Matter and Dark Matter Flow.
I succeeded in calculating dark matter. But not in the conventional way related to Big Bang cosmology. I used formulations that belong to the Double Torus framework. In a first calculation I found 2.8 KeV/c2 per 0.5 x 10-44 m2. I compared this to the most recent LUX detection-project for WIMPs dark matter, which estimate a limit of 33 GeV/c2 per cross-section of 7.6 x 10-48 cm2, being 7.6 x 10-52 m2 . That is about 5 KeV/c2 per 0.5 x 10-44 m2. So my calculation is just a factor 2 less. Later-onI calculated dark matter with extended formulations within the Double Torus framework for specific circumstances of satelliets feeling extra gravity. Then the value became 1560 GeV per m3 (per kg2 en per ms-2 ). This value is for a dark matter energy-density FLOW around the earth. These calculations are based on results coming from Fly-By- en GPS-satellites and were put in perspective of my Double Torus formulations. As one can see the latter value is per three-dimensions and not per surface as with LUX [1]. That is the reason LUX did not detect any dark matter, but only set a new limit-value for it. But in January 2014  a new experiment started, called the DarkSide-50, held deep down under the San Grasso mountains in Italy. This experiment uses a chamber to measure WIMPs.  But Wimps are super-symmetry related, while super-symmetry is officilally ruled out by earlier CERN-experiments. So what can we expect from the DarkSide-50 experiment. Look at the figure in my reference-paper and make your own conclusion. I think a three dimensional halo of dark matter energy-density must be measured and not WIMPs.
[1] Reference my paper: .


The BICEP2-telescope at the Southpole has given no evidence for cosmic inflation and Big Bang.

The recent announcement of the BICEP2-telescope in the South-pole explicitly does NOT proof cosmic-inflation and the Big Bang. The euphoria about proof for the Big Bang is not only premature, but also other possibilities are possible. The telescope used detecting of polarization of primordial light. Polarization of primordial light is in fact an electromagnetic ‘twist’ in light-waves coming from the early universe (called B-mode), whatever this early universe may be. But there are many other possibilities too, which can possibly produce gravitational waves. One of them I already explained by the Double Torus Theory dynamics. However, if you are still addicted to the Big Bang these gravitational waves are indirectly assumed to be existential.  But let us be really cognitive here! Indirect-proof fill in our fantasies!! Thus BICEP2 cannot conclude to have proof for cosmic inflation, neither for the existence of the Big Bang!

When taken into account other possibilities of large and strong primordial gravitational waves to be generated from an earlier universe, this can also be the case as described in Conformal Cyclic Cosmology by R. Penrose and V.G. Gurzadyan. In that theory the cosmic inflation is not needed and the Big Bang does not exist. As you have understood I have described a rotational universe where proof for gravitational waves emerges from a dark matter flow.

The case, however, is worse for BICEP2. Another investigation-report is pointing to the existence of 'radio loops'. 'Radio loops' can be produced by supernovae and are also electromagnetic waves, which could generate polarized light. That could produce polarization in the foreground space-time and be of influence on the small CMB-part whereof BICEP2 extracted its 'signals'. So the BICEP2-signals could be disturbed by a foreground source. The institutional physicists Sarkar and Spergel, and cosmologist Peter Coles (UK) pointed at the fact only frequency-irrespective existence of primordial gravitational waves in the CMB are subject of serious conclusions. In this respect the Planck-satellite  had a look at the polarizations too, but with correlated frequencies. These results are yet to come and will widen the insights of the right perception on the universe. But thereby my Double Torus Theory is an additional new perception that cannot be neglected.     

Note !!:  The resistance has been growing increasingly among several scientists because of the unpleasant euphoria about the selective interpretation of the BICEP2 results. Additionally my vixra-articles  show evidence for the existence of a Double Torus Universe. In this theory General Relativity remains valid. The extension is recalculation through refined time smaller than the Planck-time is a must! Therefore I resist the existence of cosmic inflation and the Big Bang. The Big Bang is not logic. Still many science-institutes glorify Big Bang cosmology. Their institutional members deliberately remain in heavy denial about a real new perception. Probably because a lot of money and prestige is involved.

An overview of my articles is presented in: 

Watch the video (source: torus - wizualizacja2 -nikos4812 ) which visualizes my Double Torus Theory: .

References to my Vixra-papers.

Dan Visser, Almere, the Netherlands.

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[26] viXra:1304.0010 replaced on 2014-04-28 10:03:00, (57 unique-IP downloads)

New Cosmological Hypothesis Matches Observations By New Dark Energy-Time Applied To Dark Matter For The Existence Of A Rotational Double Torus Universe.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[25] viXra:1303.0134 submitted on 2013-03-18 12:13:37, (168 unique-IP downloads)

New Gravity-Physics and Mathematics Calculate Dark Matter-Accelerations and Prove a Recalculated Double Torus Universe.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[24] viXra:1301.0158 submitted on 2013-01-26 07:14:47, (149 unique-IP downloads)

Double Torus Hypothesis For The Universe In Perspective.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[23] viXra:1301.0065 submitted on 2013-01-12 06:19:36, (88 unique-IP downloads)

The Mathematics Behind a New Dark Energy Force Related to Gravity and Anti-Gravity by Negative Mass Through a Dark Matter Force in Another Cosmology Named the ‘Double Torus Hypothesis’.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[22] viXra:1212.0159 submitted on 2012-12-29 08:34:36, (75 unique-IP downloads)

The Force of Gravity Belongs to Another Cosmology.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[21] viXra:1208.0036 submitted on 2012-08-08 17:19:13, (48 unique-IP downloads)

Mathematical Follow-up for Dark Energy and Dark Matter in the Double Torus Universe.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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New Dark Matter Cosmology

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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Duonistic Neutrinos Violate Relativity.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[18] viXra:1203.0005 submitted on 2012-03-02 04:06:06, (79 unique-IP downloads)

Evidence for a Closed-Curved and Cyclic Double Torus Universe

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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New Dark Energy and Letter to the Nobel Committee.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[16] viXra:1112.0055 submitted on 2011-12-18 14:01:31, (58 unique-IP downloads)

Higgs-Limited Boson Surface (Higgs-LBS) is a Mass-Surface – Thus not a Singular Higgs-Boson and is Related to Faster-Than-Light-Neutrinos.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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A New Force Smaller Than The Smallest Gravity

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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A New Dark Energy Force Theoretically Calculates Faster-than-light-neutrinos.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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New Value for the Higgs Mass.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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Matter Over Anti-Matter Explained in a Double Torus.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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Recalculation-mechanism of the Big Bang in a Double Torus Universe.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[10] viXra:1105.0033 submitted on 23 May 2011, (189 unique-IP downloads)

Discussion Needed About Three (New) Cosmological Models Based on Mathematics and Physics

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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Hard Theoretical Evidence for the Dark Energy Force Formula in a Double Torus Universe.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[8] viXra:1104.0085 replaced on 2014-01-07 10:17:53, (94 unique-IP downloads)

Dark Matter Formula For Fundamental Calculation Of Satellite Flybys In Hyperbolic Orbits.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[7] viXra:1103.0012 replaced on 2013-06-26 16:43:29, (96 unique-IP downloads)

Double Torus Cosmology Reveals Cosmic Microwave Background To Measure Dark Energy.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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Entanglement Related to Cosmology-TTM

Authors: Dan Visser, Christopher Forbes
Category: Mathematical Physics

[5] viXra:1010.0063 submitted on 29 Oct 2010, (82 unique-IP downloads)

Dark Matter and Visible Matter Fundamentally Related in New Cosmological Model and Recalculated.

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

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Deeper Properties Through Dark and Visible-Matter in a New Cosmological Twin-Tori Model (TTM).

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[3] viXra:1010.0013 replaced on 2013-11-25 09:05:44, (110 unique-IP downloads)

Thought-Experiment Provides a Formula for (New) Dark Energy Force (Version-3).

Authors: Dan Visser
Category: Mathematical Physics

[2] viXra:0911.0061 submitted on 28 Nov 2009, (498 unique-IP downloads)

A New Quantum Gravity Framework Based on the Twintori Model of Cosmology. (Part 1)

Authors: Chris Forbes, Dan Visser
Category: Astrophysics

[1] viXra:0909.0005 submitted on 1 Sep 2009, (272 unique-IP downloads)

A Short Article On A Newly Proposed Model Of Cosmology

Authors: Dan Visser, Chris Forbes, Keith Lees
Category: Relativity and Cosmology

Some mathematical clips about the dynamics of a torus:

An interesting spiritual clip that connects the new cosmology of the Dubbel Torus Universe to consciousness of people as part of the universe:

 The author, his theory, his background,

DAN Visser, Almere, the Netherlands.

Background. I have always been painting since my childhood, but choose to study electronics, management and science. This made me do several projects. Nowadays I am an Art-painter / independent cosmologist (retired) writing controversial articles about new cosmology.  This is important to know, because my paintings represent my artistic world that resists the finite Big Bang-cosmology. This in favor of an eternal and rotational ‘Double Torus Universe’. I think my vision looks ahead, but for the moment this makes my paintings too different from the current world-wide-Art-culture. However, this does not exclude them from a possible interest of art-collectors. My ambitions reach from Art, Science, Technical Projects, Advising and General Management, since having been graduated as an electronic-engineer in 1977. Then I studied Science and Cosmology as an autodidact, as well as Art-history and Science-history, and the combination 'Art and Politics'. Nowadays I am active in painting as a means of expressing my scientific cosmological believes and ambitions, which comprehend my articles in the vixra-archive (ref. 1). My painting-style, called Duonisme®), is related to my new cosmology. Therefore my paintings may become increasingly important for Art-investers and Art-collectors. ref 1: An overview of my publications can be found at For personal or media information, contact: dan.visser@planet, or phone +31 (0) 36 54 99 701.

Nydia M. de Keyzer and Dan Visser, married on July 22 2008. I have three children from a former mariage.

This website is hosted by webspacedesign. The content of this website is written by Dan Visser. The content considers Dan's articles, paintings, images, illustrations and references, owned by Dan Visser. In one of the vixra-papers the expression 'Twin-Tori cosmological Model' is used; in this specific case the information is mutual to me and Christopher Forbes (UK) by means of a temporarilly co-operation through email-contact.  Since the beginning of 2011 that contact has been lost, unfortunatelly. All rights are reserved concerning the original findings of Dan Visser. This website is updated regularly.

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